Keeping track of your readings using Goodreads

I love reading. I have read more books than I can remember. Some books, I really enjoyed… but when you read over a thousand books, stories start melting into each other. It is hard to keep track.

Recently I discovered I love it. It helps me create a record of books I have read, books I enjoyed, books I want to read… I can organise them in shelves (fiction, history, psychology, etc.) and according to the year I read them.

I can also write brief reviews that help me remember. What was memorable about that book, that story? Sometimes my review includes only a random fact I learned (e.g., Count Dracula had a moustache! – Dracula by Bram Stoker). Sometimes my review is a thought (e.g., We are only the dream of a supreme being that will eventually stop dreaming about us – Niebla by Miguel de Unamuno). I can also comment on other people’s reviews.

My friends are in Goodreads. I have a friend who reads several books per week… She inspires me. There is so much to learn! So many books waiting to be read! It is great. We share opinions and give each other book recommendations. In this way, we are creating a community of readers.

Finally, Goodreads has a reading challenge. This year I joined. I completed my challenge and exceeded my goal. I am looking forward to setting my goal for next year.


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