Public domain images in Pixabay, or the beauty of sharing

When creating presentations and learning materials, I like using images to visually enhance my message.  While I believe it is fair to give credit to the creators of the images, there are some contexts in which having the attribution text (i.e., “Image courtesy of  X”) doesn’t look right (e.g., a set of decorative images in an invitation). In these cases, using public domain images is an option.

After exploring a couple of repositories, I found Pixabay. I love it. It has high quality pictures with a Creative Commons Deed CC0 license. People are free to adapt and use the images for many purposes (including commercial ones) without attributing the original source or author. There is no need to link back to Pixabay either.

Picture of my eye
Picture waiting for approval

I am a fan. I am thankful to the photographers who provide such wonderful images free of charge.

Wanting to do my bit, I recently began releasing some of my pictures to public domain. I am only an amateur photographer. I am still learning. Most of my pictures don’t fulfill Pixabay’s quality standards, but I am trying to improve. So far I have only considered three of my pictures (out of hundreds!) good enough for sharing. Two were accepted. One is waiting for approval.

I find it interesting that having 5 downloads (and a wow!) makes me feel so happy. There’s something about sharing that feels plain good. I wonder if other photographers feel this way. I hope they do. It’s a wonderful feeling.


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